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Main Story Goal: Current Events and Story Goal


Earth Year:  2046 AD
Earth Season: Summer
Morashtar Year: 6th Age, 648 
Morashtar Season: Spring

Area Traveled: 80 miles a day on horseback when camping and includes brief encounters, and 25 miles per day on foot, or 100 miles a day riding hard on horseback or its equivalent.  -1 mile per half hour delay on foot, -10 miles per half hour delay on horseback.

NOTE: Esscha Endor Page updated, map of Blackstone added.  More maps and Many more updates on the way.  Story Goal Updated.  Army of Man information added to Story Goals thread.

Time of Year is Spring:... following a hard winter: In the forests and jungles it is mild with lasting rains and monsoons with brief dry spells between rainstorms.  Nights and mornings are cool and damp.  Periods of hard rain in the vast savannas with bright sunny days that will make the grasses grow high and thick.  Lots of wind, rain and rough surf along the shores to cool down the afternoons, hot or mild.  Hot as always in the deserts with violent thunderstorms and flash floods monthly; a time for collecting water.  Mild afternoons in the temperate mountains with cool nights and frequent evening rain showers.  Melting of deep winter snows causing floods in the valleys and river bottoms and an increase in rain amounts country wide.  Abundant fresh grass in the grasslands, roads wet or flooded in places and troublesome for wagons and travelers, but still plenty of road merchants to  be found. Hot or warm during the day and cool at night in tropical mountain areas with frequent hard rains.  Explosion of insects with all the rain and warming temperatures.  It is the height of the rain and monsoon season.

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